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Here you can subscribe to the Journal Genos in print form, to be posted directly to your home address.  Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the beginning of the year.

The annual subscription is valid for a calendar year at a time until further notice. The subscription will be renewed automatically, and you’ll receive an invoice for the next year in January of that year. You can cancel your subscription by notifying our office (seura(a)genealogia.fi) by the 31st of January.

If you subscribe in the middle of the year, you’ll receive back issues of the journals that have already come out that year, and the following issues will be sent to you when they come out.

The Journal Genos is the most important publication series when it comes to Finnish genealogy. It is published by the Genealogical Society of Finland in four issues per year. Every issue has approximately 64 pages. 

Genos publishes research on family and biographical history and source articles, along with scientific articles from related disciplines, which deal, for example, with historical phenomena that affected the lives of our ancestors, and background information on source materials. Additionally, Genos publishes introductions to archives and source materials, research findings, book reviews, and discussions and articles that concern current genealogical research.

Genos is a scientific and a peer-reviewed journal. It has achieved a level-1 rating (JUFO-rating) in the Publication Forum which is a classification of publication channels created by the Finnish scientific community to support the quality assessment of academic research. Subscription to Genos is also one of the membership benefits of the Genealogical Society. You can read more about it and join the society at liity.genealogia.fi. You can also buy single copies of Genos; digital copies can be bought from the Genealogy Online Store and print copies from Tiedekirja.

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